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Mastersdivingwiki is the Wikipedia page for all things related to masters diving


Masters diving is an organized program of Diving for adults. U.S. Masters Diving, founded in 1974 by John Deininger, a former professional diver, it is a nonprofit membership national governing body. The program began when the first National Masters Diving Championships were held on June 14-14, 1974 in San Angelo, TX. Nate Holt was the meet director.

There were very few competitors at the first meet, but over the past 40 years it has grown so that there are now thousands of masters divers worldwide.

Masters divers come from varied backgrounds. Some are former competitive, national, and international divers including some former Olympians. For others, Masters is their first time diving competitively. Masters Diving not only is a competitive group, it is also a social group.


Divers aging from 21 (you must be 25 to compete in most international meets) all the way to 100+ years old have competed in meets since then and have included many different participants all the way from brand new divers to members of Olympic teams.

Competitors must be registered with USA Diving to participate in National Championships. Most meets run in the United States are run according to either USA Diving or AAU rules. International meets are typically run according to FINA rules

Although there are many local and regional competitions around the country that are available for Masters divers to participate in, most members compete primarily in the National Championship meets. Two national championship pool meets are held each year, one in late spring and the other in mid to late summer and are organized by age, and sex. Synchronized diving is organized by age and have separate events for Men, Women and Mixed. Divers that win two national and/or World Championship in a calendar year are granted All-American status.



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Masters divers come from many backgrounds. Some have been diving their entire life at all levels and other started later in life. For some the goal is to win championships for others it is just a great thing to be able to socialize and compete against people with similar interests. For some information about some of the past and current masters divers, please click here.


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